Do You Want More Customers Online?

In 2017, we know that the internet is the elephant in the room. The massive amount of users that go online every day is tremendous. The days of phone books are over. If you want calls, you have to play the game.

Having said that, keep in mind there are a million marketing agencies out there trying to sell you the next big local tool to make you millions. You can spend hundreds of wasted dollars always chasing the next directory, next listing, and next ad. We will show you the best ways to start getting calls today.


1. Claim Your Google Business Listing.

Google My Business is one of your best friends on your journey to staking your claim in local carpet cleaning customers. It has been known as Google Places, Google Maps, Google Business, but has more recently settled in for Google My Business. When you search “carpet cleaning +  city”, the 3 top showing businesses are usually displayed in a listing format for users to see, right below ads. This is a valuable real estate, and you would do well to claim you listing to get started.

The video below will walk you through the steps in claiming your business listing.


Grow Your Carpet Cleaning Business


If you are a carpet cleaner in the US, you are among 39,000 other carpet cleaning companies, all vying for a piece of the pie. Check out these statistics.  That’s a $5 Billion pie we are talking about. if you divide that by 39,000, you get the idea of how much money is available to go around. You just have to reach out and take it!

Sounds easy right? Well, if you can get in front of the right people, it almost is that easy! Marketing your business successfully is the crucial factor that will make the difference between a mediocre carpet cleaning company, and a tremendous asset to the community in the form of an elite incorporation.

We here at NedX are committed to providing tips and strategies to promote your business in both online and offline advertising. Backed by many years of experience growing businesses, and many client results to base our advice from, we can confidently give you the keys to growing your carpet cleaning sales in a short time.

We will cover from start to finish the correct way to market your company online, grow your search presence, push SEO in your city, and ways you can land more clients through correct outreach.

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